Welcome to ZeebeDesigns. We provide multimedia and digital services to suit your needs. We can take photos, and make web pages, DVDs and slideshows for you to share with your loved ones. Weddings, Birthday, Anniversary or any other reason you can think of, we can help you present it in a beautiful and dignified way.

We can make wedding web pages to keep your guests up to date on your plans, or give them directions to the church, social hall or hotels where they can stay.
We can then take the photos taken on your special day and make a beautiful DVD slideshow so you can have wonderful memories of that day for years to come.

Own a small business and need a web site, but don't want to spend a lot of money having to hire someone, we are affordable and will be able to handle all of your needs.

If you need to contact me, please go to the Contact Us page and fill out the form.

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Scrolling below are samples of the sites I do, you can click on the image to go to the actual website.

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